Are you looking for a job where you would like to do important things and have complete freedom to do so? Do you believe a person works to live and not the other way around? Do you like it when your employer appreciates your efforts with a bank transfer rather than hectolitres of coffee from a state-of-the-art machine? So you are in the right place.

What we do not promise you and what can we guarantee?

  • We don't have fruit Thursdays, but if we decide to bring in favorite fruit to work, we are happy to eat them together because we are a team that likes to spend time together. Just like that.
  • We don't have a chillout zone and game console, but we can guarantee that we value life after work, and you will most certainly have time to relax outside the office and not in it.
  • We don't have multisport cards and other benefits popular in corporations, which employees don't have time to take advantage of anyway. But we do guarantee that we will give you such a salary, that you will afford open passes at any gyms, pools, etc. Oh, and you will definitely have the time to use it.
  • We don't have a huge office in a state-of-the-art office building with big glass windows, whose maintenance costs eat up finances that could be given as pay raises to employees. But instead, we have a neat, spacious office overlooking the park, which is in a good location.
  • We don't have a young and dynamic team, whose dynamism is mostly about a lot of rotation because the better one is looking for better conditions. From the very beginning, we appreciate your work, give you good money and take care of you. That's why we have been working practically in an unchanged team for more than a dozen years. Because it just doesn't pay to leave us.
  • We don't have a nice atmosphere... well, this we actually do have. We have a really great atmosphere in our team and relations that reach beyond the four walls of the office. We like to spend free time together and meet after work. And then we don't talk about work. :-)

And what is most important...

With us, you are not an anonymous employee the director knows about only from Excel tables. You don't work for those at the top to bask in your glory. With us, you do what you like, the way you like it, and you have a real influence on the final shape of the product. And your work is your success. So what do you think, do you want to join us?

  • C++ Embedded Software Engineer

    Do you have knowledge on embedded programming at your fingertips? Do you like C++? FreeRTOS, Modbus, Canbus and SPI is a trifle for you? If you also like working with real professionals, join us!

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  • CI/CD Software Engineer

    Do you enjoy order? Do you like automation? Do you love it when everything fits together? Do you know Python? If you also like working with real professionals, join us!

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  • IT Security Engineer

    Do you love breaking rules, nitpicking, and going outside the box? Do you know Linux and love configuring it? Do you know bash and Python? If you also like working with real professionals, join us!

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  • Node.js Backend Developer

    Do you like predictability? Do you like having control? When you think about a task, do you immediately see places that need to be secured? Are you obsessed with productivity? If you also like working with real professionals, join us!

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