Hi, we are Codeton Software!

Codeton Software is a group of specialists who have been there, done that! Every day, we deliver reliable software customized to the needs and expectations of our customers. We have been present in the IT industry since 1998 – the year when Google was founded.

That's quite a history, you must admit.

1998 Super Szklarz
2006 Paseczek TonCut 5
2009 iPlus Informator EPA System
2011 Segel System {t}Paseczek dla Firm{/t}
2012 VaxCompass
2013 Janssen HCBI {t}Algorytmy Kardiologiczne{/t} SWARCO
2014 TonCut 6 {t}{/t}
2015 {t}{/t} {t}{/t} Kogidu
2016 TonCut 7 SWARCO
2017 MedPad 2
2019 IOTW
2020 Leybold TonCut 8
2021 LoRa

See what is the basis of our business

Michał Bąkowski

Michał Bąkowski

Software architect
30 years at the keyboard
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Company founder.

He learned to program from a book before he even touched a computer. Since then, he has created countless applications. He has vast practical knowledge in each stage of software development.

What he enjoys most, is building software logic and structure, working on user interface, creating algorithms and optimizing everything.

In his private life, he finds fulfillment in being a father and husband. In his free time, he enjoys reading fantasy books and making the world a better place.

Maciek Donotek

Maciek Donotek

Doctor, manager, one-man band
30 years at work
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He is a radiologist. He also graduated from a technical university. Computer science, which was supposed to be just a hobby, became a meaningful part of his professional life. Happy husband and father of two biological children and two foster cats.
Marcin Walter

Marcin Walter

Full-Stack Developer
12 years at the keyboard
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Backend specialist but happy to help solve any problem. He has always been involved mainly in website development.

Programming is not only his job, but most importantly his passion. Customers appreciate him for his hard work and commitment.

A husband and father in his private life. He spends his free time playing sports and on DIY.

Andrzej Markiewicz

Andrzej Markiewicz

Full-Stack Developer
10 years at the keyboard
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Master of frontend (React, React Native, JS, HTML, CSS) and backend technologies (NodeJS, PHP). Prefers to work on user interfaces.

Works with MacOS and codes in VSCode. Fan of multicursor, keyboard shortcuts and task automation.

In his free time, he enjoys defending the city walls in Troyes, trading in Puerto Rico, holding feasts for Odin, and tending the farm in Agricola. He just loves board games.

He supports Arsenal FC, reads fantasy and listens to downtempo and jazz-hop.

Meet our co-workers

Man cannot live by code alone! That's why, during the implementation of projects, we cooperate with the best experts in their fields. Meet them!

Krzysztof Kobus

Krzysztof Kobus

Software architect, project manager
30 years in IT
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Experienced CTO, software architect and programmer with 20 years of experience. A leading expert in real-time interactive 3D graphics and designing complex software architectures.

He occupied executive positions in large companies and start-ups. Has worked directly with such brans as: BBC, France 2 TV Channel, Volkswagen, Audi, British Aerospace, Barco, Charite, EY and many more.

He was in the first hacker group in Poland in the 80s, which he is very proud of.

Co-founder and publisher of "Kebab - C64 i Amiga" print Polish national magazine. Member of the R&D team that invented the virtual TV studio in the 90s. University lecturer in software engineering.

Currently CTO and co-founder of and

Paulina Macioł

Paulina Macioł

Graphic designer
12 years at the tablet
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Graphic designer with over 12 years of experience working with start-ups and large corporations.

Designs logos, mobile applications and websites, does digital photography, illustrations, icon design, animation. Works with companies around the world.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking. Loves traveling. She is also passionate about gardening.

Karolina Zblewska

Karolina Zblewska

HR expert, Coach, Management Trainer
15 years with people
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HR expert, coach and management trainer with more than 15 years of experience in managing human resources.

Specializes in designing and implementing process improvements, HRM procedures, individual and team potential diagnosis, planning career development.

MBA postgraduate in Human Resources Management (WSB University, Poznań). She graduated from the University of Szczecin (Political Marketing and Psychosocial Counseling) and the Trainers School of the MATRIK Association of Management Consultants and Coaches, as well as the West Pomeranian Business School.

Certified consultant/coach in personality research using the Jungian Type Index – JTI, Insights Discovery and the psychometric tool Facet5.

In her private life, she is a mother of two sons.

In her free time, she rollerblades and rides a bike. She is passionate about traveling and sailing.



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